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The ultimate fabric tension system that has been designed, developed and manufactured right here in New Zealand. The OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension Systems functionally outperforms any other comparable system available in the market today whilst offering unmatched customization and image colour reproduction to deliver the designed aesthetic. This paired with the environmentally-conscious materials selection and sustainability stance of the OneFrame brand makes us the ideal execution partner for your next project.


the environment

The OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension System brand is proudly New Zealand. Its environmental stance is grounded in the belief that nobody can do it alone and as such, through our partnership with One Percent for the Planet, we donate a minimum of at least one percent of our annual sales towards environmental causes right here in our own backyard. Through this, we actively support local environmental initiatives for preservation to benefit future generations.


the service

As a manufacturing operation and an organisation that finds themselves knee-deep in the textile structure, colour, engineering and lighting we also understand the need to facilitate the complementary services.

To this end, our team have developed a menu of services that is all-encompassing ensuring you have relevant support throughout the process. As a client, you have the option to select any of our secondary services from our menu of services to support our primary service offer of fabric print production, manufacture and certification to align with your project requirements.