lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

Ceilings with No limits

The lunar™ is a unique tailor-made fabric tension ceiling covering system designed and made in New Zealand by OneFrame.

Create rich visually dynamic environments people will enjoy and remember.

See the difference

Stretched fabric ceiling coverings can look like whatever you imagine, making lunar™ an exciting medium for any interior designer or marketer.

With lunar™ you can custom print any colour or image onto our special fabric, sized and shaped to fit your environment perfectly.

Embrace Change

OneFrame makes radical change easy with a new replacement lunar™ skin, printed and installed, with little to no disruption to any busy environment.

lunar™ textile skins are easily interchangeable, recycleable and large (up to 3 x 50 metres with no seam, or larger with a seam).

lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

Surface coverings have often been made and in seen a return in recent years and as of late, this has rolled over into the void above. This has seen the rise of stretched illuminated ceiling type products form part of the architect’s arsenal when fleshing out a new space. Combine this with customised graphics and you have the arrival of the lunar™ stretched ceiling systems.



Once again, this particular application has seen fabric come into its own with very little competition when considering the ease of install, weight and a seamless illuminated visual when measured against traditional options.

Combining the lunar™ stretched ceiling systems with air gaps and resonate™ acoustic panelling you are able to make your feature work even harder by helping improve the acoustics within the room or area as many recent commercial and residential designs deliver limited consideration to noisy room acoustics with the increased popularity of large, polished surfaces and oversized glass windows.

With our leading expertise in textile printing and finishing, you are able to customise your lunar™ stretched ceiling systems with any image, pattern or solid colour of your choosing, designed to enhance the interior design of your environment.

Add to this a range of programmable integrated fabric specific LED lighting and our lunar™ stretched ceiling systems can deliver anything from soft mood lighting to suit your design aesthetic through to extremely high-intensity daylight illumination for commercial office spaces or similar.

The dynamic of having a flexible substrate hang across the horizontal plane does pose some design considerations with a range of technical data to be considered and as such this range is very much a design collaboration with every project being unique.  Depending on your specific application the span of the textile membrane may vary although the fabric is available for print with a max span of 3200mm x 50 000mm with no seam. For oversized executions, we use a near-invisible seam to manufacture and deliver your colossal designs.

However, printing and handling textiles are not something that is mainstream and for this reason, our vertically integrated delivery model with in-house fabric specialist printing and finishing means you have access to the best product and manufacturing service available in the market today.



The dye-sublimation process is an eco-friendly process that uses no hard solvents, in contrast, it uses water-based organic inks with a vegetable/soy base ensuring there are no harmful chemicals being washed into our waterways.

The core range of the lunar™ stretched ceiling systems aluminium profiles have been designed and extruded locally ensuring we stay true to our NZMADE delivery stance. With aluminium being the most recyclable metal available today, our system offers our customers a more sustainable option than traditional materials. We also have a range of composite profiles that have been developed for specialist applications where aluminium if not suited.



As with our entire product range, our customers have the option to engage our services at the end of life to ensure materials are repurposed, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

The lunar™ stretched ceiling system functionally outperforms any other comparable system available in the market today whilst offering unmatched customization and image colour reproduction to deliver the designed aesthetic.  This paired with the environmentally-conscious materials selection and sustainability stance of the OneFrame brand makes us the ideal execution partner for your next project.



application commerial / residential
max print width 3200mm - no seam
max print length 50 000mm - no seam
print process dye-sublimation
colour full-colour - CMYK
fabric weight 280gsm
fabric type woven
fire retardant - fabric B1
HARDWARE 7mm / 80mm / 120mm / custom