lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

Lightboxes with No limits

The lucent™ is a tailor-made and LED powered, tensioned fabric lightbox system designed and made in New Zealand by OneFrame.

Create rich visually dynamic environments people will enjoy and remember.

See the difference

Illuminiated and stretched fabric lightboxes can look like whatever you imagine, making lucent™ an exciting medium for any marketer or interior designer.

With lucent™ you can custom print any colour or graphic onto our special lightbox fabric, sized and shaped to fit your environment perfectly.

Embrace Change

OneFrame makes radical change easy with a new replacement lucent™ fabric skin, printed and easily installed, with little to no disruption to any busy environment.

lucent™ textile lightbox skins are interchangeable, recycleable and large (up to 3 x 50 metres with no seam).

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BEFORE & AFTER; It's never been so easy, quick and affordable to change your interior.
LUCENT INSTALLATION; Quick and non-destructive from start to finish.

lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

Humans are attracted to light and signage solutions are no exceptions. Whether it’s a single-sided display, or a multi-sided fully illuminated shape or form, the light will lift any execution and draw people's attention to your message or visual. Lighting also adds to the ambience of any setting and can be customised through the image produced or by configuring the colour, intensity and temperature of the lighting used.


the function

The lucent™ illuminated fabric system is the ultimate New Zealand made fabric tension lightbox display system.  Each lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems display incorporates a dye-sublimated Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) stretched to fit a locally designed and patented lightweight aluminium frame. The integrated fabric specific LED's used in illuminating our lightboxes deliver clear, even, and bright illumination to the entire graphic area.

Historically the ongoing cost and complexity of traditionally manufactured lightboxes have often been a deterrent to delivering illuminated designs. The simplicity of the lucent™ illuminated fabric system is that it is custom made to suit your application no matter the size or imagery. As a grand format delivery, the span of the textile substrate can be printed to a maximum print width of 3200mm x 50 000mm long with no seam. For larger executions, we are able to use a near-invisible seam to manufacture and deliver oversized designs.

Both nationally and internationally the uptake in the execution of the lucent™ illuminated fabric system within the commercial sector has been immense, especially within the local retail & corporate markets. With 85% of the signage in retail now being fabric, you will find that approximately 60% of this is being illuminated.

With seasonal campaigns, new branding offers and updated messaging all prompting new executions; the cost can add up.... until now.  lucent™ illuminated fabric system revolutionises this by paying once for the custom-built aluminium lightbox frame and its installation; then you or your staff can easily change out the economical Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) for each execution or as required.

EASY CHANGE-OUTS; A dramatic 'no-tools required' redecoration in just minutes!



The dye-sublimation process is an eco-friendly process that uses no hard solvents, in contrast, it uses water-based organic inks with a vegetable/soy base ensuring there are no harmful chemicals being washed into our waterways. With a wide range of fabrics available, the most popular has seen our recycled yarn being the favoured choice. This is due to the corporate responsibility adopted by many of our customers to ensure they deliver using the best possible product whilst ensuring they do their part in looking after the planet.

The core range of the lucent™ illuminated fabric system aluminium profiles has been designed and extruded locally ensuring we stay true to our NZMADE delivery stance. With aluminium being the most recyclable metal available today, our system offers our customers a more sustainable option than traditional materials.

The uniquely designed fabric specific range of lucent™ illuminated fabric system LED lighting range are environmentally frugal with long life, low power and low heat leaving traditional lightboxes obsolete in almost every way.


the outcome

As with our entire product range, our customers have the option to engage our services at the end of life to ensure materials are repurposed, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

The lucent™ illuminated fabric system functionally outperforms any other comparable system available in the market today whilst offering unmatched customization and image colour reproduction to deliver the designed aesthetic.  This paired with the environmentally-conscious materials selection and sustainability stance of the OneFrame brand makes us the ideal execution partner for your next project.



  • Fabric lightboxes lit with internal LED lighting
  • Unmatched colour vibrancy & detail
  • Eco-friendly print process – vegetable-based inks with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • Colour that is bonded into the fabric as opposed to sitting on the surface
  • Washable
  • Foldable - no cracking or creasing of image face
  • Endless colour, image, texture, pattern customisation
  • Manufactured on demand and to your specification
  • Interchangeable textile graphics that can be updated as required
  • Tool free graphic update enables the user to update graphics on demand
  • Wide range of unique surface finishes across the woven, non-woven, knitted, and bonded textiles available


application commerial / residential
max print width 3200mm - no seam
max print length 50 000mm - no seam
print process dye-sublimation
colour full-colour - CMYK
fabric weight 190gsm
fabric type woven
fire retardant - fabric B1
HARDWARE 22mm / 28mm / 80mm / 120mm / custom