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About us

OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension Systems is a New Zealand based speciality manufacturer delivering sustainable solutions both locally and across international waters. Our team has a dedicated focus on influencing and educating architects, specifiers, designers, and those that share our passion for a more sustainable tomorrow through innovative delivery.

Our product offer includes the following product categories:

resonate™ - fabric acoustic systems

lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems

organa™ - fabric tension shapes & forms

fabrica™ - fabric tension wall coverings

NZ Artist Series™ - a select range of premium works

lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems

adframe™ - fabric tension advertising systems

animate™ - programable colour in motion

CLIPSO - grand format stretch fabric systems

bespoke™ - custom design & build

Understanding that no application is the same, our team thrives within the bespoke design & manufacture space ensuring each delivery is tailored to the desired specification.

The manufacturing process sees the bulk of our raw materials and in-house processes being environmentally friendly with multiple projects underway to develop and deliver a fully circular economy to our customers.

Our commitment to both the community & the environment has seen us partner with 1% for the planet. The result is that 1% of our turnover gets injected back into local environmental initiatives for preservation to benefit future generations.