bespoke™ - custom design & build

bespoke™ - custom design & build

As a vertically integrated organisation that covers most of the manufacturing functions internally with a few strategic partnerships outside our organisation, we love to create.

By definition, every job we deliver is customised although every now and then we get a customer that requires us to paint way outside the lines.

We thrive on challenges and take these projects on in partnership with these customers as we believe delivering what others see as impossible might one day be a cookie-cutter product.

It also provides individuals within our team a chance to express their brilliance and individuality whilst challenging the conventional what was thought to be possible.

As a manufacturer that prides itself on its NZMADE mantra accompanied by the sustainability stance of the OneFrame brand makes us the ideal execution partner for your next project.


bespoke™ - custom design & build


application commerial / residential
max print width 3200mm - no seam
max print length 50 000mm - no seam
print process dye-sublimation
colour full-colour - CMYK
FABRIC WIDTH project specific
fabric weight project specific
fabric type fabric specific
fire retardant - fabric fabric specific
HARDWARE project specific