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Events & exhibition sector

Events & exhibition sector

Events & exhibition sector

There is always a need for multiple types of signage at events. OneFrame can deliver everything from a stunning fabric printed backdrop, to the photo wall on arrival, directional signage, illuminated branding, menus, and seating plans and pieces of art. OneFrame offers a range of double-sided display solutions that grabs double the attention. Doubling as branded event or exhibit petitioning walls, this is a perfect way to mark out your site and educate those on an exhibition stand and those walking by. 

OneFrame is often used to deliver complex high-end bespoke event executions that challenge traditional thinking. The frame provides structural integrity and large clean surfaces that house messaging and branding specifically targeted to those in attendance. Once these graphic surfaces are front-lit or alternatively delivered as large format light boxes it brings the entire delivery to life ensuring that it cannot be missed. Whatever the size or scope, OneFrame can deliver custom made solutions perfect for your event space.

OneFrame can also be multi-dimensional, custom-made products that fit any space. Floor standing, wall-mounted or suspended from ceilings; single or double-sided, illuminated or un-illuminated; we have a New Zealand made, modern, affordable, sustainable solution that works!

Commercial exhibitions, generally called trade fairs, trade shows or expos are organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. In contrast to consumer fairs, only some trade fairs are open to the public, while others can only be attended by company representatives and members of the press, therefore trade shows are classified as either "public - B2C" or "trade only - B2B". They are held on a continuing basis in virtually all markets and normally attract companies from around the globe. 

OneFrame fabric signage & fabric lightboxes within the events & exhibition sector can be delivered for the following applications:

  • hero imagery
  • corporate branding
  • photo walls
  • sponsor walls
  • media/logo walls
  • promotional messaging
  • lifestyle imagery
  • illuminated imagery & messaging
  • overhead structures
  • portable signage

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