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Hospitality sector

Hospitality sector

Hospitality sector

The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling and additional fields within the tourism industry.

OneFrame solutions take signage and make it multi-dimensional. The custom-made products fit any space, can be based on the floor, wall or suspended, single or double sided, illuminated or un-illuminated; whatever you choose you do so knowing that it’s a New Zealand made, modern, affordable, sustainable solution. And you make a conscious decision to stand out.

In hospitality you have limited space to portray your brand. Each asset has to work hard to add to the theming and brand positioning. Hero imagery or illuminated artwork that is custom made, lightweight and slimline can be produced and delivered by OneFrame on demand to fit any space.

Most popular with design and store fit-out, OneFrame can be turned into clever signage with acoustic properties to reduce and eliminate resonance in any given space.  This option is available in both illuminated and un-illuminated to work within the defined space and aesthetic. 

If your outlet focuses on a rotating promotional calendar, then OneFrame fabric skins are the perfect solution for durable, tool-free graphic installation with un-matched vibrancy and detail.  No matter the graphic, whether it be menu board, messaging, life-style imagery, promotional offers or wayfinding solutions, OneFrame fabric lightboxes and signage delivers like no other. 

OneFrame fabric signage & fabric lightboxes within the hospitality sector can be delivered for the following applications:

  • hero imagery
  • corporate branding
  • directional signage
  • photo walls
  • promotional messaging
  • lifestyle imagery
  • illuminated imagery & messaging
  • overhead structures
  • point of sale messaging
  • acoustic wall coverings
  • menu/price boards

So no matter the complexity or size, if you would like to talk more about your idea, its intended application and finishing please feel free to contact our team who would be happy to talk through the practical aspects and commercial considerations specific to the hospitality sector.