SO AeroSilent

SO AeroSilent

With SO AeroSilent, you can use acoustic frames and/or baffles to achieve maximum comfort in your interior

Acoustic comfort is a crucial element in any public or private space. This is now a key feature of contemporary design, addressed before construction begins or during renovation works. This means that it’s important to choose the right absorbent finish. With SO AeroSilent, you’ll have a range of frames and/or acoustic baffles that are easy to install, are technically superior and look beautiful.

Crèche, en Belgique. Cadres triangulaires suspendus. Revêtement acoustique.
Lieu social, en France. Panneaux suspendus. Revêtement acoustique.


Using acoustic panels for ideal comfort in your space

For maximum effectiveness, we combine the technical properties of acoustic coverings with the qualities of high-performance absorbent materials. Once assembled, these structures are hung from the ceiling or fastened to a wall. This solution has already been adopted by universities, stadia, public institutions and even libraries.

The technique used to install these acoustic baffles and frames is simple: the frames are delivered fully assembled, ready to be hung or fastened according to your installation plan. Thanks to their technical quality, their exceptional finish and their fully customisable visuals, they can be used effectively in any interior space.

Restaurant, aux Etats-Unis. Plafonds suspendus. Revêtement acoustique.
Exposition, en France. Panneau suspendu. Revêtement standard.

Why should I install CLIPSO acoustic baffles and/or frames?

Prolonged exposure to acoustic resonance, conversations and ambient noise can be detrimental to your health and comfort, causing auditive, physical and psychological fatigue. An unpleasant acoustic environment reduces people’s desire to stay and take full advantage of their surroundings. SO AeroSilent acoustic frames work to effectively absorb this unwanted noise.

With SO AeroSilent, CLIPSO provides more than just a technical sound-absorption solution. It offers you the opportunity to fully integrate acoustic performance into your decoration, no matter what form it takes (acoustic frame, acoustic ceiling panel, etc.). You can even select the perfect colour and design for your project.

Bureau avec plafond acoustique. Eclairage spots.
Ecole, au Royaume-Uni. Cercles suspendus. Revêtement blanc et absorbant acoustique.
SO AeroSilent