Sound diffuser

Sound diffuser

The unique solution that delivers sound from your walls and ceilings

Imagine yourself bathed in the sound of your favourite piece of music - you get a clear idea of the enveloping sound offered by the SO DIVASOUND system. With the same volume and quality no matter where you are in the room, there is a great temptation to reserve a whole wall or a ceiling to make it the no.1 sound diffuser of a room.


The diffusion of sound by matter

With an acoustic panel only 22 mm thick, SO DIVASOUND has what it takes to fit in anywhere in your professional and personal lives. Monochrome or enhanced with an original pattern, in full size or framed on a wall, SO DIVASOUND’s woven fabric is much more than just an acoustic insulator. It uses all its material to diffuse the desired sounds with the same efficiency as it absorbs unwanted noises. The resulting sound is harmonious and of a quality to envelop, immerse and transport you.

The even diffusion of sound vibration in the air blocks the sound-shower effect and gives the feeling of being immersed in sound. This feeling naturally works wonders in relaxation cabins, spas and music therapy cabins. The immersion is total because the SO DIVASOUND integration modules are tuned to the resonance frequency of water. It’s hard not to dive in.

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Technical characteristics


Sound diffuser