grand format fabric tension printed frames

grand format fabric tension printed frames

grand format fabric tension printed frames

  • unmatched colour vibrancy & detail
  • eco-friendly print process – vegetable-based inks with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
  • colour that is bonded into the textile as opposed to sitting on the surface
  • washable
  • foldable - no cracking or creasing of image face
  • endless colour, image, texture, pattern customisation
  • manufactured on demand and to your specification
  • interchangeable textile graphics that can be updated as required
  • tool-free graphic update enables the user to update graphics on demand
  • wide range of unique surface finishes across the woven, non-woven, knitted, and bonded textiles available 

Full-colour grand format textile printed frames that are locally manufactured in New Zealand. Made to order, any size with no minimum order quantity.

With all of the different signage media that are out there, it can be difficult to choose the right application that will be visually effective at getting attention in stores from shoppers, while remaining economical. ONEFRAME Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics Systems (SEG) are available to accomplish just that. In fact, the ONEFRAME system offers many advantages over traditional printed signage applications.

ONEFRAME Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics Systems (SEG) are popular in retail environments because they display printed fabric with a fashionable frameless look that audiences notice. A silicone beading is sewn around the graphic so the fabric can be stretched taught over the perimeter of the frame and tucked into a small channel, simulating the smooth appearance of a rigid substrate, but with edgeless dimension.

Changing out fabric graphics from the ONEFRAME Silicone Edge Fabric Graphic System (SEG) is a simple process that can be achieved with minimal effort or know-how. The fabric has a sewn silicone welt around the perimeter of the graphic, that is easily inserted into a channel groove around the edge of the frame.

The dye-sublimated fabric is lightweight and durable, much less cumbersome than traditional media. This makes ONEFRAME Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics more friendly for larger signage applications. Also, the fabric can be folded, so shipping and storage are much more economical in larger sizes. Not only are shipping costs lower, but the risk of damage is also almost non-existent when handling.

Every environment is different, so space is always a challenge. ONEFRAME Silicone Edge Fabric Graphics Systems (SEG) can be custom built to your exact size specifications. Single or double-sided, illuminated lightboxes, wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, or free-standing applications are all possible.

ONEFRAME's grand format fabric tension printed frames are fast, cost-effective, and maintain the integrity of your brand or image.