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Telecommunications sector

Telecommunications sector

Telecommunications sector

The telecommunications sector is made up of companies that make communication possible on a global scale, whether it is through the phone or the Internet, through airwaves or cables, through wires or wirelessly.

OneFrame solutions take signage and make it multi-dimensional. The custom-made products fit any space, can be based on the floor, wall or suspended, single or double sided, illuminated or un-illuminated; whatever you choose you do so knowing that it’s a New Zealand made, modern, affordable, sustainable solution. And you make a conscious decision to stand out.

In telecommunications, technology advancements, plans and products are continuously being added to the portfolio. OneFrame provides a reusable product that can become an organisational asset, with different fabric skins installed to communicate relevant key messaging at any point in time.

The telecommunications industry is synonymous with an aesthetic of clean lines, sleek, modern, minimalistic. OneFrame delivers the perfect execution for signage needs in this area with lightweight aluminium frames, illumination and lightbox options and Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG) that maximise space on the display for imagery and messaging and not distracting borders or fancy frames.  

With providers and manufacturers competing for consumer attention and loyalty this competitive industry is all about perception of service or product and how it will add value to your day-to-day living while offering you the latest technology and fashion. For this reason presenting the right look with influence through immotive imagery becomes critical. Having the ability to update imagery within minutes with no tools or fuss provides un-matched flexibility within these fast-paced retail environments. 

OneFrame fabric signage & fabric lightboxes within the telecommunications sector can be delivered for the following applications:

  • hero imagery
  • promotional messaging
  • lifestyle imagery
  • illuminated imagery & messaging
  • overhead structures
  • portable signage
  • point of sale messaging
  • sponsor walls

So no matter the complexity or size, if you would like to talk more about your idea, its intended application and finishing please feel free to contact our team who would be happy to talk through the practical aspects and commercial considerations specific to the telecommunications sector.