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The Climate Crisis is too big to be solved by one brand or one organisation alone, so we teamed up with the team at Usedfully and their wider partner network to help facilitate a textile reuse programme specific for our wider industry ensuring a more sustainable tomorrow for the community and environment.

Through this strategic partnership, OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension Systems aims to facilitate long-term sustainability and profitability while enabling the transition to a low-carbon future for our industry and Aotearoa.

We are Usedfully®, a low carbon clothing system where textiles are utilised to their full potential through technology and cutting-edge research – Working together with industry partners, we are driving the reuse of unwanted clothing and textiles, preventing them from going to landfill, and instead creating a circular system that fully utilises this untapped resource. 

After a decade of individual textile waste diversion and reuse projects we realise that the only way we can achieve our vision is through systems change, so we created Usedfully®

The Programme is for any business or organisation that produces, supplies, or uses clothing or textiles that wants to make a difference.

The Usedfully® system is recognised through the following streams:

Where our textiles end up is as important as where they come from. To stay within the ecological boundaries of the planet there must be a radical reduction in the draw on virgin resources, a reduction in carbon generated by the textile/clothing industry, and elimination of waste and the extraction of considerably higher value from textile/clothing.

Progressive businesses and organisations in the Usedfully® Textile Reuse Programme are transitioning the world’s textile/clothing system to a circular model. Extracting much greater value from our textiles/clothing, reducing environmental impacts and saving resources.